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About Columbus Cycling

Our Beginning

Back in the 1920s, a bicycle shop was first opened in our location. In the 1970s, a new store was built based on the Schwinn Bicycle Company store model. Joe Kahlenbeck purchased the store in 1986. Along with the help of his wife, Andrea, their kids, and their family, they have continued the shop's long history of supporting cycling in the Columbus community.  

Our Mission

For as long as the Kahlenbeck family has owned the store, our mission has remained the same: 

  • Build friendships

  • Customer goals are our goals

  • Unmatched service

  • We want you on the right bicycle

  • Always believe in the products we stock

  • Good cycling stewards

  • Get more people on bicycles

Our Future

We don't see Joe or Andrea slowing down anytime soon, but there is no denying that their son, Nathan, has his eyes set on the cycling industry and transitioning into the leadership role at Columbus Cycling & Fitness. Nathan has worked in the store since the age of fourteen and shows a passion for all things mechanical, especially bicycles. 

Joe & Nathan
Columbus Cycling & Fitness storefront
Joe on ride